Company Profile:

Mega Solutions has been in information technology business since 2002. We have expertise in developing complex software for use in a variety of application domains and information & cyber security. We have developed various desktop and client/server applications and provided information & cyber security services to variouse companies. We have various clients around the globe. We have the capability to undertake turnkey software development and information & cyber security projects in the following areas:

We Povides:

The expertise and experience required to deliver solutions to our clients that are data driven, business focused, and measurable in terms of our client's critical business requirements. Mega Solutions provides the proven, "know how" experience in information technology and project management that is essential for an organization and its security to possess in order to achieve a powerful competitive advantage.


All the software that is created at Mega Solutions is subject to rigid testing. Our long-term operational experience in information technologies have allowed us to develop strict quality control methods. A product is not considered complete until it has passed the quality assurance guidelines. These guidelines include the testing the program to and beyond its capacity in many different scenarios, which include security monitorning, testing the software for different input data, running it on computers with different hardware.

Quran Explorer:

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work details

We have staff of highly qualified and experienced information technology professionals including two developers, network security specialist and project manager. Our IT professionals are well versed in object oriented design/analysis and project management skills. Specific skills at our disposal are:

All the software that is created and provided information & cyber security services by Mega Solutions is subject to rigid testing. Our long-term operational experience in information technologies have allowed us to applied strict quality control methods.

Our software products include:

  • Accounts Manager for General Wholesalers and Distributors both in Urdu/English.
  • Import Management System for Importers and Distributors in English.
  • Management Information System.
  • Financial System

Accomplish Projects:

  • Importers & Distributors (Hyder Ali & Co.)
  • General Traders (Khaamta etc.)
  • Auto Parts Distributors (VECO Lahore)
  • Garments Manufacturers (Weaver Bird Textile)
  • Construction (Fabricon)
  • Urdu Accounting Package (In Association with PDMS Karachi)
  • Accounts Manager Institute Of Business & Technology (BIZTEK)
  • Management Information System Tash International (Pvt) Ltd
  • National Aliens Registration (NARA) (Sub Contracted by PDMS) (Some modules)
  • (Sub Contracted by PDMS)
  • Accounts Manager Tees n Greens
  • (Sub Contracted by PDMS)